What is a Power Play in Curling? Rules Explained

How does a power play in curling work?
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It's that time again, when the world's attention is captivated by curling at the Winter Olympics. Mixed Doubles is one of the most popular events and many spectators may find themselves questioning some of the rules. The "Power Play" is among the biggest inquiries. 

The Power Play is one of the newest rule changes. During a Power Play, each team have the decision on the placement of some of the stationary stones to position the stones. A Power Play can only be used once per game by each team but it is not allowed if the game goes to an extra end.

The team with the last stone in that end is the in-house stone. During a power play, the in-house stone is placed with its back edge on the tee line. Half of the stone is in the eight-foot circle and half is in the 12-foot circle. The guard stone is at the side of the sheet and protects the in-house stone.

No team spends time in a penalty box.