David Wise and Alex Ferreira finished one-two in the skiing halfpipe AND they have matching tattoos. Best. Friends. Forever!

By Daniel Rapaport
February 22, 2018

American duo David Wise and Alex Ferreira finished one-two in the ski halfpipe at the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea last night. After falling on his first two attempts, Wise came through with a dazzling third run to secure his second straight Olympic gold. Ferreira's silver is the 23-year-old's first Olympic medal. 

They'll forever be linked by that one-two finish on the biggest stage in their sport. But the two share something else—matching tattoos. 

From Yahoo! Sports' Jeff Passan

With a few days to kill in Seoul before the Olympic men’s halfpipe skiing competition, David Wise cooked up an idea. He and Alex Ferreira, his teammate with whom he strode into opening ceremonies, had shared enough memorable experiences together that they would commemorate it with a tattoo. They were looking for inspiration when they laid eyes on the PyeongChang Games’ logo.

It’s quite simple: nine straight lines, the first four oriented to look like two pillars sandwiched by a top and bottom, the other five arranged in a star. The first symbol is meant to represent harmony among heaven, earth and man. The second signifies winter sports stars.

Wow. Matching medals and matching tattoos?! Can you say best friends forever?

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