Watch: Skateboarder Breaks Pole Vault World Record By One Centimeter

French pole vaulter uses skateboard to clear 6.17 meters, one centimeter better than world record. 
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French pole vaulter Baptiste Boirie, the self-proclaimed "creator of skate vaulting", cleared 6.17 meters with the help of a skateboard. His monster vault is one centimeter better than fellow Frenchman Renaud Lavillenie's world record of 6.16 meters.

Watch Boirie clear the bar below:

Boirie took to Instagram to explain that it was the "super victory" of French World Cup title that gave him "wings" for the insane launch. He also gave a shoutout to Lavillenie, who cleared almost the same height without a skateboard.

He also made sure to clarify that skate vaulting and pole vaulting are not, in fact, the same thing. Just in case there was any confusion there. 

"After that super victory with the france football team i had wings and i was happy to make that crazy show in Jockgrim 16/07/2018 !! a really symbolic world record bar !! Big respect to you @airlavillenie it’s a crazy heigh bar !! Skate perche or skate vaulting isn’t comparable with real pole vault, It’s different and I am very happy and honored to have the opportunity to feel that high feeling!!"

This might be the event that takes track and field to new heights.