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Photos: What Beijing's Abandoned Olympic Venues Look Like Today

The then-stunning stadiums from the 2008 Beijing Olympics are now empty and unusable. 

The 2008 Beijing Olympics provided a number of stunning views, most notably from the Bird's Nest, home of the opening and closing ceremonies. But a decade after being used for the XXIX Olympiad, Beijing's stadiums are now in decay, empty and unusable for sporting events anf entertainement. 

The Beijing stadiums join the their former hosting counterparts in Athens and Rio as once grand venues that have become eyesores. Many of the stadiums are now filled with weeds and grass, destroyed by weather and little to no upkeep.

Check out the current state of Beijing's once-pristine stadiums below. 


The next Summer Olympics will be in Tokyo and begin on July 24, 2020. The 2024 Olympics will be held in Paris before the Summer Games return to the United States with Los Angeles hosting in 2028.