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Canadian Olympic Swimmer Says She Was Drugged at World Championships

Mary-Sophie Harvey, a Canadian swimmer and Tokyo Olympian, shared Wednesday on Instagram that she was drugged on the last night of the World Championships last month. 

“At this time I wasn’t aware of what got inside of me, I just remember waking up the next morning completely lost; with out team manager and doctor at my bedside,” Harvey said. 

Harvey continued to say she remembers beginning a celebration on the last night of the event, but her memory of the evening ends shortly thereafter.

“But then, I don’t remember anything. There’s this four-to-six-hour window where I can’t recall a single thing,” Harvey wrote.

Harvey added that she “found a dozen bruises” on her body when she went home the next day. She continued, “I ended up going to the hospital, where I was met with doctors & psychologists. They tested & treated me the best way they could. 

“They told me it happens more often [than] we think and that I was lucky in a way; to get out fo this with a rib sprain and a small concussion.”

The swimmer encouraged in her post for people to be careful, touching on how resources are hard to find and judgement is “still very much present.” 

“I’m still scared to think about the unknowns of that night,” she wrote in the social media post. “I’m still trying to find the ‘happy Mary’ that found happiness prior to this event. I’m still in a way, ashamed of what happened, and I think I always will be. ... But I won’t let this event define me.”