John Carlos, U.S. Athletes Take Stand to End Olympic Protest Rule

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John Carlos is remembered for famously raising his fist along with Tommie Smith on the medals stand at the 1968 Mexico City Olympics to protest racial inequality in the United States, and now he is taking a stand once again.

Carlos has written a letter with an influential group of American athletes, aiming to abolish the rule that bans protests at the olympic games, and calling on the IOC to put in place a new policy-- one created in collaboration with athletes from across the globe.

The letter said in part “Carlos and Smith risked everything to stand for human rights and what they believed in, and they continue to inspire generation after generation to do the same. It is time for the Olympic and Paralympic movement to honor their bravery rather than denounce their actions.”

Carlos and Smith were sent home for violating the rules that ban the protests back in 1968, but in the wake of mass global demonstrations against racial injustice, the IOC has expressed willingness to rethink the policy.

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