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For the first time, there will be a daily fantasy game for the Women's World Cup.

By Grant Wahl
March 13, 2015

One way of tracking the growth of the Women’s World Cup is to see how many new promotions and projects are popping up around the event. For example, the Panini stickers that have been produced for the men’s World Cup for decades—and which caught fire in 2014—made their debut for the WWC in 2011 and are set to return for this year’s tournament in North America.

Now fantasy sports are getting into the Women’s World Cup, too. Mondogoal, a fantasy platform devoted to soccer, says its Women’s World Cup daily game will be the first daily fantasy game involving women’s sports.

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“This is exciting for us because it could bring in a full host of users,” said Shergul Arshad, Mondogoal’s CEO. “We were at the fantasy sports trade association conference in Las Vegas, and they told us that it was something like the high 90s percentage of users that are male. At the same time, actual season-long fantasy sports when you’re playing football or baseball or basketball have a growing percentage of female players.”

“So we thought there’s no reason why the male fans that are used to playing fantasy sports wouldn’t be excited about Women’s World Cup. And second, it could bring in a whole new set of [female] users … We’re not just doing this for PR’s sake. We think it’s a smart business move.”

The game is pretty straightforward. Users will pick a team of 11 players from the games taking place each day using a salary cap and see those players earn points for what happens on the field. Participants can enter games to win cash or just to win bragging rights.

Daily fantasy games aren’t revolutionary, of course, but they are a new wrinkle for women’s sports, and there are few things like the chance to win money to get more Americans excited about following a sporting event (especially when one day’s games are, say, Canada-China and New Zealand-Netherlands).

It’s enough to make you wonder about other soccer-themed things: How far are we, after all, from the wildly popular EA Sports FIFA video game featuring women’s teams for the first time?

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