What's the best MLS playoff format?

MLS coaches weigh in on what they like, dislike and would change about the league's playoff format.
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The new MLS season is days away, and 20 teams will kick off the long road to the playoffs, where 12 will contend for MLS Cup. 

There is plenty of consternation about the MLS playoffs. Is the current format the best one to showcase a season's worth of work? Do the top seeds get rewarded enough for their accomplishment over the course of 34 games? Do too many teams make the postseason?

SI's Grant Wahl polled a number of coaches on what they think could be tweaked or whether they think the current system is fine as is, with the New York Red Bulls' Jesse Marsch suggesting something that would certainly give the top seeds a decided advantage. Watch his and the rest of his colleagues' responses in the video above.

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