Highlights from the 14th running of the Indianapolis 500

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RACE: 14th Indianapolis 500

DATE: May 31, 1926

WINNER: Frank Lockhart, Peter Kreis

AVERAGE SPEED: 95.904 mph

WHAT HAPPENED: Rain has always been the scourge of the Indy 500, but for the first time it prevented the race from going 500 miles. The first band of showers halted the 1926 race on Lap 72, and when a second rainstorm rolled through the area, the race was called after 160 laps and rookie Frank Lockhart declared the victor.

NOTABLE: Lockhart's career was cut short when he attempted to set the land speed record two years later at Daytona Beach, Florida. Driving a car backed by the Stutz Motor Co., Lockhart made one pass at more than 203 mph before puncturing his tire on the second pass. The car tumbled out of control and Lockhart was killed when he was thrown from the car.