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Lewis Hamilton's Shirts Display Portions of Black History Month Poem

lewis hamilton shirts

Lewis Hamilton posted on his social media that the messages written on his shirts for each Formula 1 race this season have been part of a poem for Black History Month he wrote with George The Poet.

"Each race weekend, I've been wearing a line of the poem on a tee designed by a rising artist of colour," Hamilton wrote. "Keep your eyes out for the full poem coming together across the remaining tees of the season." 

Since the beginning of the 2020 season, the Formula 1 star has taken a knee and worn a shirt with a statement on it before the race. Last season included individual messages like "Black Lives Matter" and "Arrest the Cops Who Killed Breonna Taylor." Now he's taking it a step further as Black History Month in the UK runs throughout October.

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Formula 1 shared each line of the poem on Instagram, which reads so far as follows. 

"When will we change?
It's OK to listen
It's OK to question our way of living
Racial inequality hides in plain sight
We breathe the same air, let's fight the same fight
Let's work together
Let's go the distance
Let's show compassion
Let's show persistence
We are in control of our own existence
Build or destroy, we all know the difference
We've waited patiently to have this conversation
We are no longer waiting
We're no longer waiting
In the name of justice we raise our voices
We learn, we grow, we make out choices
Let's choose respect."