By Chris Mascaro
February 16, 2014

Kevin Durant (left) is averaging five more points per game this season than LeBron James (right). (Marc Serota/Getty Images) Kevin Durant is averaging five more points per game this season than LeBron James. (Marc Serota/Getty Images)

Widespread opinion among NBA experts is that this could finally be the season Kevin Durant wins the MVP award over LeBron James, who has won four of the last five.

Durant, 25, leads the NBA in scoring at 31.5 points per game, five points more than James, 29, and averages more rebounds per game than James (7.8 to 7.0). But the Miami forward averages more assists (6.6 to 5.5) and is shooting 57.1 percent from the field compared to Durant's 51.

Either way, Durant said he would like to stop being compared to James.

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When asked during All-Star weekend to gauge on a scale of one to 10 how tired he is of the questions regarding comparisons to James, Durant said, “Um, about a 25. It’s every day, I mean. You should really focus on how good LeBron James is. I think people should appreciate that more than always comparing guys. In our world, you want to compare everything. You judge everything. That’s just how we are.”

Durant was asked at least 10 questions about James or the Miami Heat in his 30-minute session with reporters, according to Michael Wallace of

The Thunder (43-12) have the best record in the NBA, while the Heat are 37-14. Durant has finished second to James in MVP voting three times.

“Let’s just sit back and judge basketball as we play it; not just LeBron and myself, but other guys in the league, too,” Durant said. “Just enjoy it, because it’s here today and gone tomorrow. A lot of people take it for granted.”

Said James: "I don’t mind [Durant questions] at all. I’m a truthful guy. I don’t sugarcoat nothing.”

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