March 11, 2008

On-loan São Paulo striker Adriano says he is having second thoughts about returning to Inter at the end of the season because he fears the Italian press.

"The Emperor" has struggled with depression and alcoholism over the past couple of years, and went to Brazil for rehabilitation towards the end of the calendar year.

While there an agreement was reached for him to join São Paulo on loan until the end of the European season, but he is due to return to parent club Inter in June.

However Adriano is now having second thoughts about returning because he fears the treatment he may receive from the Italian press may make his troubled life even more difficult.

"I want to go back to Italy to show the Italians that I am still Adriano. But I am a little uncertain after all that has happened," he explained. "I've made mistakes and I have never denied that, but I am scared because the Italian press has never been supportive of me.

"It's only natural that I am not so convinced about returning given that pressure."

Adriano then admitted that he has lost the last year of his life due to his personal problems, but he is determined to make up for this.

"I know I have lost a year of my life," he stated. "I want to get back to the top in São Paulo, rediscover the happiness of being a footballer and return to the national team. It all depends on me."

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