Messi's dad slams drug speculation

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Jorge Messi described himself as "pained" by allegations that Lionel Messi's growth hormone treatment as a child is responsible for his current injury situation.

The Barcelona player's father was particularly upset that professional figures had lent credence to the idea that Messi's injury was partially down to his growth treatment.

"It pains me that people said that growth treatment had anything to do with Lionel's new injury," he told Radio Del Plata in Argentina. "People, including some professionals, spoke irresponsibly."

Messi moved with his family to Spain as a 12-year-old partially in order to undergo growth therapy.

"What I heard made me angry," continued Jorge. "I consulted an endocrinologist, who said that the growth treatment has nothing to do with the current injury."

Meanwhile, Messi is said by FC Barcelona to be recovering well from the injury sustained against Celtic in the Champions League.

He will now fly out to Argentina where, under the tutelage of national team boss Alfio Basile, he will continue his rehabilitation in the northern ton of Arroyo Seco -- a comparatively quiet environment.