Lehmann vents more anger at Wenger

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Arsenal goalkeeper Jens Lehmann has let fly with another vitriolic attack on manager Arsène Wenger and his rival for the No. 1 jersey, Manuel Almunia.

Never shy about blowing his own trumpet or criticizing others, Arsenal's maverick German has given his uniquely venomous take on why the Gunners crashed out of the Champions League last Tuesday.

Arsenal lost 4-2 to Liverpool at Anfield to exit the competition 5-3 on aggregate, and to compound the misery, Wenger's side -- whose season had been going so well until mid-February -- lost the winning habit in the Premier League, surrendering a five-point lead to slip six points behind defending champion Manchester United with just five games to go.

United beat the Gunners 2-1 at Old Trafford on Sunday to extend that lead to nine points and effectively end Arsenal's challenge.

Lehmann played in that game, which United won with a penalty and a direct free-kick, because of an injury to Almunia. But now the Germany international, who has been No. 2 to Almunia for most of the season, has vented his fury.

"I stayed at Arsenal so I could win the Champions League," the 38-year-old was quoted as saying in The Daily Star. "I saw a good chance of being able to play in their team.

"However, the fact that I did not get it has made me absolutely furious. The defeat by Liverpool is a personal tragedy for me as I was not given the chance to prevent it.

"I have felt I would have prevented us losing in every game since the manager dropped me from the team after our 0-0 draw with AC Milan in February. I don't find it very funny that I am behind in the pecking order to someone who only started playing [top-level] football at the age of 30. I am very angry.

"The manager has a different opinion to me, but I don't think he has ended up happy with it. At any rate, our results have gone against it."

And Lehmann told a German football magazine: "I don't think the manager has given me a fair chance.

"Had he told me of his plans before the start of the season, then I would have been able to decide on whether I'd be willing to stay sat on the bench.

"I've been able to take a lot of decisions during this time and to reflect on how I am going to do things.

"I don't think that I will be able to prove Wenger wrong if I play well at Euro 2008.

"If he hasn't been aware of my good performances so far, he won't notice if I play well at Euro 2008."