América defender to be released from hospital

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Three weeks ago, Carlos Sánchez suffered the unthinkable: a stroke due to blockage to a cerebral artery. The player later went into a coma.

All signs indicated that the 28-year-old Club América defender's career would come to a tragic halt, and his life at risk. But Sánchez recovered, and was set to be released from the hospital on Wednesday.

It was originally believed that he would be released on Tuesday, reported El Universal, but his home was not medically equipped for his recovery. He will now be in rehabilitation for a couple of months, having suffered from a loss of mobility to his left side. Further studies will be conducted as the weeks progress to determine other possible side effects.

This was another momentous display of solidarity in el futbol Mexicano, as the community expressed their wishes of hope to the Sánchez family and América since Sánchez's ordeal began. His parents were deeply moved by the amount of support they received and in a press conference expressed their sincere thanks.