September 24, 2008

Monterrey forward Jared Borgetti didn't hide his disapproval with the reasons Mexico coach Sven-Göran Eriksson gave for not selecting him for Wednesday's friendly against Chile in Los Angeles.

Eriksson stated that he prefers to test new and younger players in place of the proven 35-year-old goal-scorer who, due to his age, may not be considered for future national-team activity, including the World Cup.

"I believe that El Tri should not be closed to anyone," declared the Desert Fox. "There is neither a minimum, nor maximum age to play professional football, much less on the national side."

Borgetti accepts that he may not convince Eriksson to consider him and, for that reason, will not ask him for a future call-up, but will earn it on the field.

"No, I will not ask him, I don't have to," stated the veteran. "It is not the proper way. The way to ask is every eight days" during matches. What I only have left is to continue focusing on myself, and if he thinks Eriksson that I can be useful to the national side, then we'll see."

The Monterrey forward also indicated that due to his lack of participation for Rrayados, his departure from the team and football are on the horizon.

"If the circumstances stay the same ... the possibilities of me staying in Monterrey are minimal," he said. "Of course my retirement is near, I can't hide that, the problem is when, at the end of the season, one or two more years, I don't know."

The player in the twilight of his career then reflected on his sport and the national team.

"I love football and my life is football," he said. "I have always said, the national team is the most important, not the names, nor the players or coach."

Borgetti is Mexico's all-time leading scorer with 46 goals in 90 matches over his 10 years representing the national side.

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