Amauri still undecided on Italy or Brazil

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It remains a mystery for which national team Brazilian-born Juventus star Amauri will play. In fact, it seems as if the player himself still doesn't know how to make a decision. The 28-year-old talked about his peculiar situation to Sky Sports.

"As you know, we are at work to get my passport," he explained, "but [Italy coach Marcello] Lippi has never called me up, even though we met during a friendly last summer and we made a good connection. It's a pleasure to be taken into consideration by the World Cup winning nation. However, [Brazil coach] Dunga has never called me either -- at the moment I can't say what national team I will play for."

Recently, Dunga said that Inter's Adriano is currently ahead of Amauri in the pecking order, which probably reduces the chances of seeing Dunga in an Auriverde shirt.

"There's no problem," Amauri said of his standing behind the Inter Milan star. "I came to Italy as an unknown, and I slowly made my way up by scoring goals. Juventus? The team's objective is clear: we are a great team, we want to win the league and the Champions League."