Dunga gives Ronaldinho freedom

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It was confirmed that Kaka won't take part in the game due to injury, and because of this Dunga will allow his AC Milan teammate, Ronaldinho, more freedom to work his magic.

"With the ball at his feet he will have complete freedom. But when he isn't with the ball he is going to have to run back and help out. He is a player with great creativity and I hope he takes advantage of all of his characteristics, to do well," said Dunga.

Ronaldinho will be expected to perform, even if Brazil is facing Ecuador, a team who they have struggled against in Quito in recent years.

Dunga responded to declarations made by Ecuador boss Sixto Vizuete, who claimed that the Brazilians are "scared" of the high altitude in Quito.

"Everyone works in their own way. We exclusively think about the Selecao. We respect all of our rivals, but we can't worry about what they say, we have to think about ourselves. Every coach has his style."

In respect to his starting formation, Dunga said they will repeat the same team who beat Italy 2-0 in a friendly match in London.

"We have come here with the idea of that team, we worked with it in training. We don't have much time to train, but we have to be solid when the time comes to play. We have to work hard. Against Italy we played well and there's no reason why this should change now," he concluded. -- Goal.com