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Vergara open to Bautista return

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While at Chivas, Adolfo "Bofo" Bautista developed a strong following among the fans and even gained the favor of team owner Jorge Vergara. However, after the Apertura 2006 title win for Chivas, "Bofo" had a falling out with then-manager Jose Manuel "Chepo" De La Torre which led to him being placed on the transfer list despite Vergara's attempts to reconcile the pair.

Now, Vergara still wants "Bofo" to return, but knows the choice rests heavily on his club's new resident Pedro Saez and the technical staff.

"I still like Bofo. He's a player with great qualities. The decision isn't whether I like him or not," said Jorge Vergara. "Pedro (Saez) has to talk to the technical staff and if they want us to bring Bofo, then he'll come back. We'll respect his contract (with Jaguares), but if there's enough, we'll buy him."

Letting "Bofo" go had financial repercussions on the Chivas brand, but Chivas are starting to recover because of the younger players making a name for themselves on the team.

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"It was a bad error (letting 'Bofo' go). Speaking financially it was a sacrifice. We lost stadium attendance, shirt sales. We're starting to recover. There are clear figures with Omar Arellano, 'Chicharo', and Medina," Vergara said. "So the decision in bringing Bofo back would be based on sporting decisions, not merchandising."

Vergara also saw Ramirez' influence on the game against America during the weekend, and was surprised by a tactic that was used.

"There was an influence that could be seen, and besides the discipline and leadership, I saw it on the field. A change that surprised me was 'Tepa' (Solis) behind Morales. We saw Ramon use his resources without tiring, it was a bold change."

During the transfer season Vergara also helped bring in new players that haven't taken so well to the Chivas team such as Carlos Ochoa, Jared Borgetti and 'Panchito' Mendoza, but said patience is still needed.

"It's not easy to adapt to a team, to a rhythm of football, to a certain philosophy, and there needs to be patience. We'll evaluate how everyone's worked out at the end of the season."