Bautista spurns MLS offer, re-signs at Jaguares

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Adolfo "Bofo" Bautista has put an end to rumors linking him to Greek and MLS clubs by deciding to extend his contract with Jaguares de Chiapas for six more months.

The volatile striker has his mind set on reaching South Africa and views playing for Jaguares as his best bet to get another call up with the Tricolor.

"I am happy; I spoke with the club officials and have taken the decision of remaining with Jagures with the intention of returning to the national team in the near future," Bautista told reporters. "Playing in Mexico signifies that I can be observed constantly and my objective is for Jagures to be good and be with the Tricolor."

With potentially lucrative offers from abroad, Bautista instead turned his attention on taking the best path to the national team.

"Indeed, that was my main focus," Bautista said about his decision of remaining with Jagures despite having offers from Greece and the U.S. "I want to be physically good with the team as my firm idea is to go to the World Cup."

Bautista has been in the mix for a World Cup spot the last two cycles but has not made the final roster. He is keeping his options open, however.

"I want to have a good tournament and return to the national team," Bautista said. "I still have the illusion of going to a World Cup and for that I know I have to be in good condition. I am preparing for that because in order to be noticed Jaguares has to be fighting for top honors and qualify to the league playoffs."

"I have been waiting for a World Cup a long time so my decision will help me in that sense. Already two World Cups have escaped me and that is why I have made the decision to remain in Jaguares," concluded Bautista.