Blanco livid with America for un-retiring number

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Cuauhtémoc Blanco was, for a long time, the face of the America franchise. Now, the famed player has become the face of MLS' Chicago Fire. When Blanco left America, his No. 10 was officially retired in a tribute to Blanco's terrific career at America.

Now the heads of America have said they've contacted Blanco about reinstating the No. 10 back in the team. Michel Bauer, president of America had supposedly contacted Blanco.

Blanco, though, denies any conversation ever took place and said he felt disrespected that his number is being reinstated as Salvador Cabañas is now sporting the No. 10.

"I feel like they have disrespected me in America," Blanco said in his radio talk show, Directo al Blanco. "I don't think that Cabañas has earned the love form the fans. It really does bother me, if they went without it for five years then its something you must respect. I don't think he has the same love from the Mexican fans as I do. I think a lot of time has to go by before you can earn the right to wear that number."

Jaime Ordiales, sporting director for America, said otherwise. Ordiales acknowledged that conversation about the assumed matter had taken place between Blanco and Bauer.

"I was informed that the president had already spoken to him," Ordiales said in a press conference. "I can't say more though because I was not present. I do know though that he did bring it up. I'm not going to get in the middle of this though. I heard what Blanco said and I don't know why he said it, but everyone has the right to say what they want went it seems convenient for them."

Despite the comments made by Blanco, Ordiales said that the doors will always be open for the star. He brushed the topic aside and talked about America's great performance in the World Football Challenge.

"I am happy to see that our youth did such a good job," he noted. "It brings me joy to see that the Mexican player has quality, personality, and commitment to play in these types of games. We hope to provide these types of games in order to please our fans."