Mexico won't protest over Donovan's swine flu

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Landon Donovan was diagnosed with the H1N1 swine flu virus, and is said to have had the virus while the U.S. national team played Mexico in World Cup qualifying last week.

Aware of the fact that Donovan played with the virus, the Mexican national team has decided that it won't lodge any official complaints against the U.S.

"We won't put forward any official protest because it's clear that if he had contact with his teammates [the U.S. is not ignoring] it with the objective of harming someone," Mexico's national-teams president Nestor de la Torre told reporters on Saturday.

Mexico players apparently thought Donovan was irresponsible for playing while ill, but aren't too worried about the situation.

"Something like that could be dangerous," said Mexican captain Gerado Torrado to the press. "We presume that he didn't know he was sick, but if he did, that's very irresponsible, because he could be exposing and infecting his own teammates as well as the Mexican players. I'm not that concerned. I didn't have much contact with him. I shook his hand at the beginning of the game and that was all."

Reports suggest that Donovan contracted the virus before the team arrived in Mexico and didn't know he had it until after the match was over and he had returned to the U.S.