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Puyol will be Barcelona player 'for many years'

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Barcelona stalwart Carlos Puyol has confirmed his intention to pull on the Blaugrana jersey for as long as he is able, and added that he is comfortable with his fitness ahead of the new campaign.

Puyol has been involved in the Barcelona set-up since joining its youth side in 1995, and has established himself as one of the club's greatest-ever defenders.

The 31-year old told Barca TV that there is a general feeling of calm emanating from the Camp Nou this season after their Triplete exploits, saying, "I have always said that it is my intention to remain here for many years All that I can say is that I feel that there is tranquility here."

The Spanish international also commented on his influential coach, Pep Guardiola, and stated that the pair have discussed Puyol's future on numerous occasions, with Guardiola knowing that his heart lies at the Camp Nou.

"I do not have any problem with the coach, far from it," he continued, adding, "We have spoken many times and he knows the truth is that I am very content here."