Blanco slams ex-club America in transfer flap

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Cuauhtemoc Blanco arrived in Veracruz prepared to do battle on the field, but even before he suits up in his new colors he is already doing damage to other Mexican clubs.

Blanco launched a series of accusations aimed at Club America officials, specifically club vice president Yon de Luisa, during a press conference.

"I've known Yon for quite a while and I know the kind of bad person he is," Blanco said. "When he arrived with America, I thought he was a great person and everything but now I say differently. I believe he is a person who is damaging to players."

Veracruz was aiming to acquire Blanco's former teammate with America, Reinaldo Navia, but America officials made it difficult for Navia to join los Tiburones Rojos. Veracruz gave up on signing Navia on Monday after not having reached an agreement with America over Navia's services.

America owns Navia's rights within Mexico under the Pacto de Caballeros and America reportedly wanted $300,000 for Navia's services. Veracruz ended up going in a different direction.

Blanco said he is not sure who is responsible for decisions with America when it comes to players but said de Luisa was not in the right frame of mind.

"The player acquisitions they make, I'm not sure if it is [Jaime] Ordiales' business or Yon de Luisa, but the truth is, it's a complicated situation," he said. "I hope they give a title to the America supporters because I believe they've deserved that for a while. Up until now they hadn't qualified for a playoffs for the first time in two or three years I believe. That's what they should be worried about."

Blanco said the club's front office needs some fixing.

"[De Luisa] had some incidents with some youngsters, he treated them bad and unfortunately it's like a crap shoot; sometimes you're up and sometimes you're down," he said. "You always need to remain humble. I believe Yon de Luisa has gotten some major power within America and I think it's an injustice what they are doing to Navia."