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Bradley: Ban players who fake injury

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IRENE, South Africa (Reuters) -- United States coach Bob Bradley called on Thursday for players who feigned injury to be banned for a "good number of games," saying he would be ashamed to be associated with such blatant cheating.

The chiselled and often scowling Bradley, who describes himself as an "old school" manager, said he hated to see players getting away with ruining another player's match.

"It's the easiest thing to clean up," he told reporters, after his side topped their group to make it through to the second round. "When I see Kaka get sent off, I think that's too bad for the game because he's a great player."

Brazil's Kaka, one of the highest profile players at the World Cup, was sent off against the Ivory Coast for allegedly elbowing Abdelkader Keita, although replays showed the Ivorian was clearly exaggerating the impact.

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"I'd be ashamed if I was the one doing it," the U.S. coach said.

"If it's as obvious as somebody getting pushed in the chest and grabbing his face and lying on the ground, I would rescind the other red card and suspend the player who did it for a good number of games."