2012 Boys Club Top players to watch

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2012 U.S. Boys Club Top Player Rankings

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  • 1. Raul Mendiola
  • F - Arsenal FC, Alta Loma, California

THE SKINNY: Dynamic and exciting dribbler who is an exceptional playmaker on the field. He is the two-time Development Academy Player of the Year who is rumored to be sought after by a few high-profile professional clubs.

  • 2. Marc Pelosi
  • M - U.S. U-17s, Sunnyvale, California

THE SKINNY: Extremely polished player capable of defending or playing as a midfielder. Possesses a wealth of international experience including his time at the FIFA U-17 World Cup in Mexico.

  • 3. Alfred Koroma
  • F - U.S. U-17s, Sunnyvale, California

THE SKINNY: Tall, fast and skillful up front, he brings a unique dynamic element to the U.S. U-17 national team. He's extremely difficult to mark and is a constant threat.

  • 4. Alejandro Guido
  • M - U.S. U-17s, Chula Vista, California

THE SKINNY: A dangerous attacker who thrives at running at defenders. Also played at the FIFA U-17 World Cup in Mexico, he has good size and skill.

  • 5. Mario Rodriguez
  • F - U.S. U-17s, North Hollywood, California

THE SKINNY: A physical striker with a bright future. Rodriguez is often the target of opposing defenses who try to corral his dangerous runs and goal-scoring ability.

  • 6. Andrew Souders
  • D - U.S. U-17s, Amherst, Ohio

THE SKINNY: A technically proficient player with great leadership -- was named a captain of the U.S. U-17 team. Souders has good size and poise on the ball.

  • 7. Andrew Oliver
  • F - U.S. U-17s, Indianapolis, Indiana

THE SKINNY: Can get forward in a hurry. Another youth national team veteran, Oliver is a determined forward who works hard to get into scoring position.

  • 8. Joseph Amon
  • M - U.S. U-17s, Summerville, South Carolina

THE SKINNY: Valuable member of the U.S. U-17 World Cup squad. Amon is a defender that lacks imposing size but is strong and competes well.

  • 9. Esteban Rodriguez
  • M - U.S. U-17s, Bell Gardens, California

THE SKINNY: Small, but quick and dangerous; Rodriguez is an athletic slashing attacker who is fearless.

  • 10. Fernando Pina
  • GK - U.S. U-17s, Houston, Texas

THE SKINNY: Rangy keeper who has good command in the box and is capable of making improbable saves.

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