May 27, 2014

My favorite is a little chip from the former coach's son, over a leaping defender, to the chest of a certain Texan, who slots a perfect diagonal ball to the foot of a certain small, sensitive, fast Californian who settles it with one touch before firing a low laser into the bottom corner. Sometimes, as I'm getting sleepy, it is not the Californian but me making the net billow, beautifully. Obviously it doesn't make any sense but we're not talking about sense here. I've never told anyone about this. I am a grown adult. I have a 401(k).

Michael Orozco's game-winning goal at Estadio Azteca emitted celebrations from U.S. players and fans alike.
Miguel Tovar/Getty Images
U.S. captain looks back at a raucous crowd section during the USA's friendly vs. Germany last June. For some fans, the live experience is the best way to consume the game. But not for all.
Cal Sport Media

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