Watch: Messi, Suarez, Neymar, Xavi get all the goals and assists vs. Getafe

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When Barcelona is on its game, the team is among the most dangerous in Europe. When it's really in the mood, Barcelona can do things unheard of in the game of soccer. 

That's what happened on Tuesday, as the Catalan side blitzed Getafe with a six goal run (including five in the first half alone) in which every goal was assisted by the player that scored the previous one. 

How do you start a run of logic like that, though? With an unassisted goal. Like a penalty kick. Even this least-impressive goal of the group was still accomplished with style, and Messi buried a "Panenka" to open the scoring in the ninth minute: 

The Argentine followed that up with a pinpoint assist, which Suarez capped off with an acrobatic toe-poke finish. BeIn Sports commentator Ray Hudson's reaction tells you all you need to know. 

This is when things start getting a little ridiculous. Just like Messi followed up his goal with an assist, Suarez followed up HIS goal with an assist. Appropriately enough, he teed up his strike partner Neymar to make the score 3-0 after just 28 minutes.

Can you guess what happened next? That's right, just like Messi and Suarez before him, Neymar followed up his goal with an assist. This time, it was Barcelona's elder statesman Xavi that got the goal, curling home an exquisite effort from outside of the box that may well be the best goal of the lot: 

Xavi followed that up with an assist, but you probably knew that already. Suarez scored his second goal of the game, another beauty from a tough angle. 

"Maybe," you're probably thinking right now, "Getafe should look out for a Suarez assist to start the second half." 

Getafe did not look out for a Suarez assist to start the second half. He supplied the final touch before Messi scored his second. It would be the last goal of the night, finishing soccer's version of a logical loop as perfectly as possible.  

With the goals, Barcelona's South American connection of Messi, Neymar, and Suarez have combined for 102 goals in La Liga. Not bad for less than one season playing together.