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Watch: Here’s why Lionel Messi won his fifth Ballon d’Or

Lionel Messi was announced as the winner of the Ballon d’Or on Monday. It is the fifth time he has been named FIFA’s Player of the Year. 

Lionel Messi was announced as the winner of the Ballon d’Or on Monday. It is the fifth time he has been named FIFA’s Player of the Year.

In 2015, the Barcelona forward guided his club to Champions League, La Liga and Copa del Rey titles. During the 2014–15 season, he scored 58 goals for his club. 

No other player has won the Ballon d'Or more than three times, and it doesn’t take long to see why. Last year alone, Messi racked up more jaw-dropping plays than most world-class players have in their careers. Just take a look. 

He can humiliate any defender

This ankle-breaking dribble on Bayern Munich defender Jerome Boateng and ensuing chip goal in the UEFA Champions League semifinal was voted FIFA’s goal of the year for 2015

He can cut his way through any number of defenders


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Messi opened the scoring in the 2015 Copa del Rey final with this incredible run.

He’s even treated like a god by opponents

He comes through in the clutch

Lionel Messi 0:1 | Atletico Madrid - Barcelona...

by footballTV

Leo’s precise strike into the bottom corner was the lone goal in Barcelona’s 1–0 defeat of Atletico Madrid that secured the La Liga title.

He even makes practice a must-see event


He just toys with keepers on penalty attempts

He’s automatic on free kicks

He seems to share a brain with Neymar

He can make a perfect one-touch volley pass

(Sure, Suarez was offside, but still.)

He can curl the ball better than anyone

He can make the ball settle at his feet effortlessly