Rapid fire with Steven Gerrard: 2005 Champions League, Cardiff goal, more

Grant Wahl goes rapid fire with Steven Gerrard, who divulges his best goal, player he admires the most and much more.
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LA Galaxy midfielder Steven Gerrard will always be viewed as a Liverpool legend—and Stevie G has had such a remarkable career that there was no chance we would miss the opportunity to give him the famous Rapid-Fire Quiz in which we ask players about the greatest moments in their careers, the best they've played with and against and much more.

We've had the opportunity to ask Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Luis Suarez, Landon Donovan, Kaka and Ronaldo (Brazil) similar questions, and their answers can be seen here.

You can hear Gerrard take the quiz on the new Planet Fútbol podcast, or you can read below (we did the same for his teammate, Giovani Dos Santos, right here):

SI.com: Accomplishment in your career you’re most proud of?

Gerrard: Champions League, 2005.

SI.com: Favorite goal of your career?

Gerrard: 2006, Cardiff, FA Cup final, West Ham. 35 yards out, I had a cramp, I was absolutely shattered. Final moments of extra-time. I managed to connect with a sweet strike in the FA Cup final.

SI.com: Best player you’ve ever played against?

Gerrard: Lionel Messi.


SI.com: Toughest defender you’ve ever faced?

Gerrard: John Terry.

SI.com: Most difficult goalkeeper to score against?

Gerrard: Petr Cech.

SI.com: Best teammate you’ve ever had?

Gerrard: Luis Suárez, Xabi Alonso. Best midfielder, best striker.

SI.com: Best manager you’ve ever had?

Gerrard: In terms of tactically, probably Rafa Benítez.

SI.com: Player you’ve most admired in your career?

Gerrard: Zinédine Zidane. Just because he plays a similar position to myself. He’s got a great physique. He goes about the game, it looks effortless to him. He has a swagger and a class about him. I just love watching him.

SI.com: Best advice you ever got?

Gerrard: You only get out of soccer what you put in. The harder you work and the more you sacrifice, the more you get out [of it].

SI.com: Person you most want to meet in the United States?

Gerrard: The person I most want to meet? (Laughs, turns to his rep.) Can I say that, can I? … No. Who’s the most famous sportsman in America?

SI.com: Well, you’re telling me that you’re an NBA fan, so maybe LeBron James?

Gerrard: Met him. Done. That’s already off the bucket list. Kobe Bryant? Met him. Done. Two legends of the game. So maybe Steph Curry? He’s the new guy in town?

SI.com: I think he might be.

Gerrard: Yeah? Bring him on. (Smiles.)