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FIFPro has ‘dim view’ of new FIFA reform package

FIFPro says it remains concerned for its players after FIFA passed a number of reform initiatives at the extraordinary congress.
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The FIFPro World Player's Union criticized a reform package passed by FIFA coinciding with its presidential election on Friday. 

As part of the reform package, newly–elected FIFA president Gianni Infantino will not be able to serve more than three four-year terms, for a maximum of 12 years in office. Sepp Blatter had been president since 1998 until his ban removed him from office.

Other changes include salary disclosures and one female representative will be elected as a council member per confederation. The changes are geared to separate FIFA's policy decision-making from its business practices.

FIFA has long faced accusations of corruption and the reforms are geared to change the culture of the organization.

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In a statement, the player's union said it took a “dim view” of the reforms. FIFPro continued: 

“Despite a package of reforms approved today by FIFA, FIFPro fears placing increased power in the hands of FIFA’s 209 member associations lies at the heart of the problem. These organizations are not representative of the game and, yet, wield enormous influence over issues that affect key stakeholders such as the players, fans, clubs and leagues. The newly-adopted reforms failed to address the fundamental issue of making football authorities accountable to the game's most important actors.

FIFA’s system of governance has been based on favor swapping and financial inducements, not to mention obstructing external oversight from governments and the game’s key stakeholders. The players, much like the clubs, leagues and fans, were ignored in the latest reform effort and today’s governance review will not suffice to address FIFA’s inherent governance shortcomings.

FIFPro is deeply concerned for the 65,000 professional male and female footballers we represent as their rights are often blatantly overlooked and exploited as a result of FIFA’s monopolistic structure.”

FIFA passes massive reform package

Infantino, the former UEFA general secretary, was elected president after receiving 115 votes in the second round of the election in Zurich to beat Sheikh Salman (88), Prince Ali (7) and Jerome Champagne (0). Infantino promises change after Blatter was banned from all football-related activity for six years.