MLS Word Association: targeted allocation, discovery, more

Grant Wahl takes some of MLS's unusual terms and mechanisms and plays word association with top MLS figures ahead of the 2016 season.
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Major League Soccer could probably use its own dictionary for its wide array of idiosyncratic terms and mechanisms. Targeted allocation money. General allocation money. Transparency. Blind draw. Discovery. Re-entry draft. SuperDraft. The list goes on. 

And while the league has these mechanisms and tools in place for its own reasons, they certainly can yield some puzzled looks and cause frustration among fans, media and MLS personnel alike. 

So SI's Grant Wahl took the time to play a game of word association with some of MLS's top figures to get their thoughts and reactions to some of the league-specific terms. Watch their responses in the video above. 

And for the rest of our series of interview questions for MLS coaches and executives as the 2016 season nears, watch the following: