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Video: Neymar appears on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ to attempt rooftop trick shot

Is there anything Neymar can’t do?

Neymar is a clinical finisher around the net, but Jimmy Kimmel asked him on Wednesday to try to bang one in from long range—very long range. 

Neymar’s task was to travel up to the roof of Kimmel’s theatre and score a goal. Simple enough for a guy with 59 goals over the last three La Liga seasons. Except this time the goal was on a roof across the street, about 50 yards away. Kimmel even recruited his sidekick, Guillermo, to play keeper against his favorite player in the world. 

I don’t want to spoil it, but let’s just say Neymar had a little trouble scoring from the Hollywood Boulevard equivalent of the center circle. 

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