Some possible destinations for Cristiano Ronaldo if he actually leaves Real Madrid

If Cristiano Ronaldo actually leaves Real Madrid, where would he go? Here are a few guesses. 
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Cristiano Ronaldo​ reportedly wants to leave Real Madrid, apparently because he's mad about allegations he defrauded Spanish authorities of millions in taxes. 

Setting aside the fact that leaving Real Madrid would not solve Ronaldo's legal issues, we don't know whether he actually wants to leave. Reputablenewspapers are reporting that Ronaldo's dissatisfaction is real and that he wants out, but any transfer rumor has to be treated with a degree of skepticism. 

But what if Ronaldo truly wants to leave Real Madrid, where he's played since 2009? Where could he land? Let's speculate!

Manchester United: Rumors about Ronaldo returning to Manchester United started basically the moment he left Old Trafford for Madrid in 2009. Manchester United would make a lot of sense as a destination, considering Ronaldo's history with Jose Mourinho and his affinity for his old club. Manchester United can outspend basically everyone, and United desperately needs a striker after releasing injured forward Zlatan Ibrahimovic, on whom the club heavily relied for scoring last season. (Not that Zlatan's presence would have prevented the club from making a bid for Ronaldo.) Ronaldo, 32, has moved into a more central role for Real Madrid recently after traditionally playing on the left, so it's pretty much a dream scenario for United. It's also worth noting that Ronaldo's agent, Jorge Mendes, also represents Mourinho. 

PSG: The French side is willing to spend big to attract top talent, but the club still hasn't broken through in the Champions League. Last March's faceplant against Barcelona will only increase PSG's urgency in the summer transfer window. PSG owner Nasser Al-Khelaifi has shown serious interest in buying Ronaldo in the past. But if Ronaldo truly wants to leave Madrid because of his tax fraud case, he should be aware that police recently raided the homes of Angel Di Maria and Javier Pastore as part of a tax fraud investigation. 

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Manchester City: Cristiano Ronaldo and Pep Guardiola have somewhat of a checkered history, so the Etihad might not make much sense. But Manchester City is set on spending big this summer as Guardiola overhauls the squad, and the club's ownership has never shied from a massive buy. Still, unlikely. 

Sporting CP: Ronaldo started his career with Sporting CP in his home country of Portugal, and it's certainly possible he's keen on an eventual return. After leading Portugal to a Euro 2016 title last year, he'd become even more of a legend in his home country by returning to the Primeira Liga. Maybe they'd name another airport after him, or perhaps they'd even agree to reward him by taking down that infamous bust. It's highly unlikely he would return to Portugal right now, but some advice for Cristiano: If you decide to go home, tell Lee Jenkins about it first.  

Monaco: Monaco has a lot of cash, and selling Kylian Mbappe (to Real Madrid, perhaps) could help pay for Ronaldo. Jorge Mendes has ties to Monaco. The club is on the rise. And perhaps most importantly, it's a tax haven!

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China: If Ronaldo only cares about money, he should go to the Chinese Super League. Carlos Tevez is making £634,000 per week in base salary, so it's hard to fathom what Ronaldo could make. It's also hard to fathom Ronaldo leaving Europe at this point in his career, especially as he gears up for next year's World Cup. 

MLS: SI's Grant Wahl reported in 2015 that Ronaldo wanted to join MLS in 2018 after the World Cup, either in Los Angeles, New York or Miami. It's plausible that Ronaldo will come to MLS one day, but he's still winning major trophies in Europe. He's likely going to be a Ballon d'Or contender for the next couple years at least. I can't see him giving that up right now. On the other hand, he has never won the Landon Donovan MVP Award. 

Arsenal: Lol, no. 

Golden State Warriors: It makes too much sense.