By 90Min
July 19, 2017

Liverpool manager Jürgen Klopp has never been someone to care too much about what he says. Always happy to speak his mind, hilarious touchline antics and the infamous "Bayern Lost" comment have made Klopp a fan favourite in England during his short time in charge at Anfield.

During the clubs tour of Hong Kong, the German manager was asked if he thought Liverpool could win the Premier League title this season. He responded to the question, posed by a BBC journalist, in brilliant fashion.

"I think the rules are all teams are allowed to win the Premier League, right? Obviously, it seems to be possible." Klopp said in his usual charismatic way. The 50-year-old manager was then asked what gives him that sort of confidence going into the new season.

"The rules," Klopp said whilst laughing. "It's possible, so that's it. I thought the BBC were supposed to be the most serious of broadcasters."

"The beauty of the Premier League is that no-one knows what will happen until the end of the season so it's possible for all of us. It's a nice idea," Klopp added later in the press conference. "But saying it today and carrying it in our backpacks doesn't help that nice idea to come true."

Liverpool fans will be confident coming into the new season. £34m signing Mohamed Salah's return to the Premier League following a sensational spell with AS Roma will see him link up with Sadio Mané, Roberto Firmino and Philippe Coutinho in an exciting attacking line for the Reds next season.


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