By 90Min
July 19, 2017

​As Spanish cohorts, it would be not be a shock for anyone to learn that Juan Mata and Ander Herrera get on extremely well.

The Manchester United pair will no doubt be close on and off the pitch and, such is their friendship as part of Jose Mourinho's squad, it certainly shines through.

Take the below Instagram video for example, which shows Mata and Herrera taking the mickey out of all the over-elaborate, silly goal celebratory handshakes that have become the norm these days:

#Juander 🤝

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Oh you sly dogs! Teasing us with some lengthy celebration and giving us an ordinary handshake instead.

We imagine this will have gone down particularly well with club mate Paul Pogba, who claims to have invented the infamous 'dab' celebration that went viral last season.

It's also funny considering the ridiculous handshakes that many of Tottenham's stars partake in, so kudos on Mata and Herrera for making something so mundane and boring actually fun given the current climate!

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