By 90Min
July 24, 2017

​Football commercialism peaked on Sunday when Ronald McDonald led out two of the world's biggest clubs - Manchester United and Real Madrid - for their friendly in America.

The United States, land of hope and glory. Where the consumerist society knows no bounds in their never ending quest of capitalism. The American dream. Where else would such an embarrassment for football take place?

Pre-season is a period devoted to improving fitness levels ahead of the new season, as well as branching out your club and improving the commercial side of things.

However, as witnessed in the match between Madrid and United, this can sometimes go too far.

Just look at him go. He knows he owns the crowd.

The Big Mac merchant gleefully strutted onto the pitch alongside the match officials in California, picking up the match ball before shaking the players' hands.

Upon reflection, what's worse? The fact that some of the world's best footballers had to shake the hand of a clown before a game, or the fact that this clown probably had no idea who any of these players were?

The damning part about all of this is that it's actually worked. The ridicule that the poor old clown has undergone, all the jokes made about Ronald, and all of those people slamming the idea of such an extravagant advertisement - they've all contributed to McDonald's brilliant marketing ploy.

Well done. United and Madrid may have just taken the footballing world one step further into the abyss of soul-selling advertising, but at least now everyone's craving a burger or two.


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