Back to the Future! Gamers Simulate 1,000 Years in Football Manager With Insane Results

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​Football Manager is one of the world's most addictive, life-dominating games. It's also a very, very serious business, no matter what you might hear, say or believe. 

The cult of followers that it has culminated over the years revel in the fact that there's a seriously large amount of things you can do in the ever-deepening facilities of the game, and that includes simulating whole millennia to see the future of the beautiful game. 

Back in November, a new entry into the Guinness Book of Records was created as Mr Darren Bland played a single save for 154 consecutive seasons. 


YouTuber Quill Glaude has become the latest man (with far too much free time) to step up and see what the future holds, showcasing the staggering results to his 400,000 strong subscriber base. Glaude's series was rewarded beautifully by the Canadian crossing the Atlantic Ocean to watch his beloved Ayr United play in the Scottish Championship. 

Incredibly, however, Glaude isn't even the first of his kind, and it turns out that simulating the future has quite a history. 

Now-legendaryReddit user ​Lorf_Yimzo also threw caution - and his livelihood for that matter - to the wind and simulated his own 1,000 years in Football Manager 2015. 


Naturally, the results are staggering, and Lorf_Yimzo even took the time to document and annotate his epic journey. 

Interestingly, Man United's 1995 9-0 drubbing of Ipswich remains a record. Real Madrid also remain the side with the most Champions League wins, managing a not-actually-that-unrealistic record of 108 total wins.

​Lorf_Yimzo even broke the journey down by the century, which yielded some more fascinating narratives.


"2100s: Stoke dominated again, as they won 7 titles in a row as well as 14 titles in 17 years. Later, Burnley became dominant as the PL turned into a power struggle between the 2 teams. Newcomers West Brom and Barnsley also stole some titles, especially Barnsley, who won quite a few in the last couple decades.

"2200s: With Stoke on the decline, a newcomer fills their spot: Sheffield United. They traded titles mostly with Man U, though later with Barnsley and Southend United. This century had no real dominance, as teams struggled to string titles together. Though teams such as MK Dons, Hull, and Plymouth came and went, the five big players were Sheffield, Arsenal, Barnsley, Southend, and Burnley.

"2300s: Southend replaced Sheffield's position of dominance, winning many titles early on. Cambridge, Chesterfield, and Hull were also contenders. 7 titles in a row marked an all-time high for Southend, as they hammered their opposition for the rest of the century, with occasional wins from Brighton, Barnsley, and Man City"

At least Northerners can look forward to a future dominated by the like of Stoke, Burnley and Sheffield United, although the rise of Phil Brown's Southend (whom one would assume just became immortal and stayed with the club over the entire 1000 year stint) is also a magnificent fairytale in it's own right.  


With the FM folklore now firmly in place, the question has to be asked: who is gonna be the first  one to simulate 2,000 years...or maybe even a million?