Van Dijk 'Never Going to Be the Same' at Southampton After Transfer Saga According to Odemwingie

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A player who knows all too much about transfer window controversy, ex-Stoke striker Peter Odemwingie believes there is no way back for Dutch defender Virgil van Dijk. The 26-year-old has been the subject of speculation to a move to Anfield, however, Liverpool's attempt to sign the defender landed the club in hot water and the defenders future is now in doubt.

In an interview with the Alan Brazil Sports Breakfast show on talkSPORT, Odemwingie said: "I don’t think it’ll ever be the same for a player who is going through that situation.

"It’s a bad situation for both the player at the club because if he stays, he’s never going to be the same. He won’t play the same way and fans will be upset," said the 36-year-old forward.

"Sometimes just one word from a fan will remind you of what happened in the summer and it can put you off completely, for a whole week or even a whole month.

"I can understand Van Dijk’s point of view. This situation will be difficult for him, there are big clubs going after him. Southampton is a good club with great fans, but it’s absolutely understandable that he wants to make the best of his career. You get more respect if you play at the top clubs and if you challenge for European titles.

"These days, players are just left without answers. You sit there any think, is the club just playing a game to get more money? If we knew what was really happening it would be different, and you’d know how to conduct yourself properly, but sometimes you just don’t know what to think.

"You think, 'is the club actually counting on me to be here next season because of my quality, or are they just playing a game to see how they can get a better deal out of it?'

"That’s the hardest part to deal with from a player’s point of view. If they actually knew exactly where they stood it would be easier to have a conversation with the club."

Manchester giants City and United, as well as London based rivals Arsenal and Chelsea are believed to be interested in hijacking a move for the Dutch centre-back. A £70m price tag has kept interest in the defender limited, however, van Dijk has his heart set on a summer move to Anfield.