Twitter User Claiming Ronaldo Is the GOAT Gets Sent to Bed Early by adidas After Fantastic Burn

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Who is better? Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi? An age old debate that everyone is slowly becoming sick and tired of. 

Everyone has their preferences that are unlikely to change and while Ronaldo's boot sponsors in Nike would claim their man is the best, understandably, adidas (Messi's sponsors) would claim the Argentinian is - which they have, by shutting down a Twitter user hinting that Ronaldo is the greatest of all time.

It all started with adidas' promotion of their new boots - the 'Ocean Storm Nemeziz', with Messi as the poster boy for the advert:

Of course, the fanboys of Twitter responded pretty soon after the reveal, with a great use of fire emojis - as is expected in 2017.

One user lived up to that expectation, even throwing in the heart eyes emoji to add a little flavour, and of course, Adidas duly responded:

Quite a claim - according to FourFourTwo, Messi is only the second greatest of all time, but the boot makers' words can be forgiven. However, just as there can be no smoke without fire, and no thunder without lightning, there can be no mention of Messi without Ronaldo being thrown into the mix.

With one Twitter user insinuating that Ronaldo is in fact the GOAT, adidas had to show their arm, and stand up for their main man.


An argument could be made that the company could've gone a little further in their comeback - maybe an insult or two? But they got their point across perfectly, and people seemed to like it. The tweet managed 2,785 retweets at the time of writing - about seven times that of the original promotion.

Twitter, don't ever change.