Coach of Algerian Club ASM Oran Stabbed by Own Fans as Players Teargassed at Stadium

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The coach of Algerian club ASM Oran was stabbed by his own fans last week, while players were teargassed as they attempted to help.

The Sun have reported that "knife wielding thugs" attacked Salem Laoufi as he arrived at the club's stadium on Friday.

When players tried to protect their manager, they were ambushed and targeted by tear gas.

Laoufi was driven to hospital following the incident and treated for a number of stab wounds. He was kept in overnight before being released on Saturday.

Oran, one of Algeria's biggest clubs, have suffered a significant decline in recent years, dropping into the second division.

That is reportedly one of the main reasons for fan discontent. The club are also believed to have fallen into the hands of organised criminals.

A club source said: "This incident is linked to a clash between the coach and the stadium director over the timing of training.

"We suspect the director of organising the attack on Laoufi."

It remains to be seen what action will be taken to avoid further violent incidents in the future.

Oran, nicknamed El Madrassa - The School - play at the 20,000-capacity Habib Bouakeul Stadium.

The club were founded in 1935 and were league runners-up in 1991. They also reached the cup final in 1981 and 1983.