By 90Min
August 01, 2017

Crystal Palace and Brighton & Hove Albion are set to compete in the Premier League for the very first time, following the latter's promotion to the top flight last season.

The two clubs have a great rivalry brewing, that dates back to the 1970's, but haven't gotten a chance to play each other in England's top flight. Fans are quite ecstatic over the development, and as you'd rightly imagine, the banter is already rife.

Mike Hewitt/GettyImages

A Palace fan took things up a notch with the help of the lift at his workplace, which seems to have a pretty basic understanding of football.  

Going by Twitter handle @GilesyL14, the Eagles supporter asked the lift to predict Brighton's season. The lift, in turn, offered a prompt response.

Check it out below:

Well wasn't that straight to the point?

But given the way things have been unfolding these last few seasons, there is a risk of catching some serious egg on the face .

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