By 90Min
August 02, 2017

It would be pretty safe to say that Liverpool have a very passionate fan base. And some of them go to amazing lengths to show their love and support for the team.

One such super fan recently displayed his devotion by getting his leg inked up with a very troubling tribute to homegrown prospect Trent Alexander-Arnold.

While, 18-year-old Alexander-Arnold is one of the Reds' most promising youth prospects, you would have to be out of your mind to get his full, lengthy name tattooed on your body...and that is exactly what happened to one drunk fan, while on a night out in Ibiza.

Okay, so he has admitted to being drunk at the time he got the inking done, but how good of an excuse is that?

The hastily scrawled effort is actually even worse than the now infamous Alexandre Lacazette/Darren Bent butt portrait now proudly(?) sported by an overzealous Arsenal fan.

It is hard to imagine just where and how the next disturbing footballer tribute tattoo will turn up next.

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