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August 03, 2017

It's Neymar Week in the great, wider world of football and...well it's all gone a bit batty, hasn't it? Paris Saint-Germain are activating his €222m release clause (or enabling him to do it, or...La Liga are getting involved, or something), and it looks like the Brazilian star's going to become the most expensive player in the world. By a lot

With the deal looking pretty much done, there's only one thing left to sort out - how is he getting announced? PSG have a few options...

Neymar emerges unburned from a massive bonfire of money, like Khaleesi from the flames. 

Image by Chris Deeley

Joining the announcement video craze

With a burning Barcelona shirt in one hand and an intact PSG one in the other. 

A life-sized golden statue

Gareth Bale and Cristiano Ronaldo have had the bronze busts made this year - what better way to flaunt the club's wealth than a full-body statue made with a metal an entire two medals better?


Buy a Neymar PSG shirt for every person in Paris

Branding. It's all about branding!

Borrow the 'Wenger Out' banner plane

'Neymar In' is a much more positive message. Especially if he's got the fuel to make it to Nou Camp afterwards...

Hack Gerard Pique's Twitter

If that 'he's staying' tweet hasn't come back to bite him enough yet, how about a quick hack for 'he's arrived'?

Replace the Eiffel Tower with a Neymar statue

Zlatan Ibrahimovic said just before leaving Paris that he would only stay if the club replaced the Eiffel Tower with a statue of him. So...

Eating his way out of a giant croissant 

French, innit.

BASE jump off the Eiffel Tower

French, innit


Moaner Lisa

Get it? Because the Mona Lisa is in the Louvre in Paris, and you could put Neymar's face on it? And he maybe moaned a little bit about wanting to move? Yeah, you get it.

Official photoshoot on the moon

If you can do a thing on the moon, do a thing on the moon. 


Game of Thrones cameo

Ed Sheeran's done it, and Neymar's at least half as famous as him. And after his acting debut in xXx: Return of Xander Cage...

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