By 90Min
August 04, 2017

For the first time in competitive English football, a new penalty system created to aid fairness could be used in the Community Shield, as Chelsea and Arsenal face off on Sunday.

The 'ABBA' format which is used in tennis during tie breaks will be trialled this season across all English competitions, starting with the annual cup competition opener between last season's Premier League and Fa Cup winners.

"The FA has today announced that a different order of kicks for Kicks from the Penalty Mark (KFPM) will be trialled at Sunday's FA Community Shield supported by McDonald's - the first time the new format will be used competitively in the country," said the FA in an official statement, via the Standard.


Throughout the history of the game, penalties have been taken in an alternating fashion to decide the winner. However, now football has again turned to the trend-setting rules of tennis to revamp areas of fairness within the sport.

In the last couple of seasons we have seen the introduction of goal line technology to allow match officials the chance to make key decisions which can not always been seen by the naked eye.

This in turn has made the game a more equal sport, and now the FA have made the decision to introduce penalties in a 'AB BA AB BA' order instead of the traditional 'AB AB AB AB' routine that we are familiar with.

The idea of this is being that the team who is taking the second penalty will have less pressure, making the game fairer for all. 

Fair well to the magical coin deciding the early indicator of who will have the upper hand in the shoot-out as English football rules against the bias of head vs tails.

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