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August 05, 2017

Twitter Q&As can have a tendency to backfire on footballers when they decide to open up their replies to any and all questions.

One individual who opted to conduct one recently was none other than Manchester United star Paul Pogba who, using the hashtag #Pogquestions, was inundated with queries ranging from the normal to the absolutely ridiculous.

Among the topics discussed where Pogba's thoughts on captaining United's senior side in pre-season, what he spoke to new world-record signing Neymar about in the tunnel during the half-time break of the Red Devils' meeting with his former club Barcelona in the US, and which superhero he considered to be his favourite.

So, without further ado, here are some of the best - and funniest - replies that Pogba decided to give during a lengthy Q&A session on Saturday:

The Footballing Questions

As a star for United and the senior French national side, Pogba was evidently going to be asked plenty of questions about his professional career.

Football fans - and in particular United supporters - duly obliged with a range of topics, such as this one asking him what his favourite goal to score for Jose Mourinho's men was:

To this query about what he thinks is the funniest moment of his United career:

To what it was like captaining the side:

And this one about his most difficult opponent last season (hint: it's a recent United signing!):

The Crazy Hypothetical Queries

Some fans aren't really interested in what their footballing heroes have to say about their time in the game, and would rather quiz players on a number of hypothetical conundrums instead. No, we don't know why either.

Anyway, here's one fan asking Pogba about who he'd rather give a lift to out of Romelu Lukaku or Jesse Lingard:

And another about when 'Agent P' - Pogba having worked his magic to convince Lukaku to join United over Chelsea - would be back at work tapping up another star:

And then, of course, there's the surreal 'girlfriend having a crush on you' question:

The Absolutely Crazy Ones

Of course, a Twitter Q&A wouldn't be complete without the usual people asking the most outlandish and ridiculous things they could.

These could be filed under the 'hypothetical' section above but, given how mad they are, we couldn't just lump them in there. No, the deserved their own section!

There's the 'lions vs the sun' debate:

Who Pogba's favourite superhero is:

And, last but not least, being a hero himself to rescue someone's grandmother!

There you have it. Pogba's most taxing interview yet, it would seem.

Don't worry though, peeps. The Premier League season is only a week away from kicking off once more, and the chances of these Q&As appearing will lessen with the return of proper football!

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