By 90Min
August 08, 2017

He might be on the comeback trail from injury in that pesky 'real life' thing, but in the land of video games: Zlatan Ibrahimovic is out of this world. 

The ex-Sweden and Manchester United star looks like he's been spending his recovery time keeping busy, with Ibrahimović and ISBIT GAMES releasing the official trailer for 'Zlatan Legends’ on Tuesday - a fast paced, action packed mobile game set in space.

See? Space? Out of this world? BAM! 

After almost two years of development, ‘Zlatan Legends’ is the first game to be released by ISBIT GAMES since Ibrahimović became a co-owner of the Swedish gaming studio - and it look an absolute blast, the visually stunning minute-long trailer featuring the mercurial forward in what appears to be a suit of power armour. To what end? We'll find out next week. 

ISBIT GAMES claim that they aim to challenge gamers’ expectations and create innovative gameplay experiences - and 'Zlatan Legends' promises to do just that.

‘Zlatan Legends’ will be available to download on Thursday 17th August 2017 on the Apple App store and released later on Google Play.

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