By 90Min
August 11, 2017

As if the excitement of the new football season starting wasn't enough, yesterday leaked footage of the new FIFA 18 career surfaced on YouTube.

Needless to say there are millions of fans eagerly anticipating the new release of the annual video game series and this footage will prove to be very exciting for many.

The footage, uploaded on Thursday, displays the newly updated career mode that has been in dire need of a fresh update for some time now.


Thankfully for fans of the FIFA career mode it look better and more immersive than ever, with transfer negotiations being at the forefront of this leaked beta footage. For the first time, players will be able to meticulously negotiate transfer dealings with rival clubs, implementing buyout and sell-on clauses within the process of buying and or selling players.

Alongside the new-look career mode, the widely well received 'The Journey' mode will see a return as well as the massively popular 'Ultimate Team'.

Updates such as these are an intelligent inclusion from EA Sports as they take their footballing simulator one step closer to life-like realism with the new features.

The game releases on Friday September 29th, so get your best 'sick day' excuses ready so you can binge the latest instalment of FIFA from the word go.

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