By 90Min
August 13, 2017

A Liverpool shop worker has been filmed taking a cut-out of Philippe Coutinho down - which could be interpreted as a sign that he at least believes the player will leave the club within the next two weeks.

The diminutive Brazilian handed in a transfer request earlier this week and now looks likely to replace Neymar at Barcelona.

The news came as a huge blow for Reds supporters, who were desperate for some reassurance from Coutinho that he would remain a Liverpool player.

But on the evidence of this video clip courtesy of Twitter user Brian Hughes (@yozzer1983), it looks like the club are already preparing for life after the former Inter Milan star, who was purchased for a paltry £8.5m in 2013.

Jurgen Klopp had been adamant that Coutinho will not be sold for any price but it appears that the transfer request has forced the club to entertain offers for a player who no longer wants to play.

The store in the clip was confirmed by Hughes as the Williamson Square branch in a separate tweet, and shows the girl in the window beginning to remove the cut-out from view whilst being watched by onlookers.

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