By 90Min
August 16, 2017

Real Madrid sensation Marcos Asensio found himself 40 yards out, with little or no inclination to commence another round of attack against an underwhelming Barcelona side. He took one look at the Barca goal and unleashed a shot that will live long in the memory of football fans, let alone that of Los Blancos supporters. 

The ball whirled through the air, nestling emphatically into the top corner, with Barca stopper Ter Stegen shellshocked by what he'd just witnessed. Perhaps it marked a new era of La Liga dominance, Real are no longer just a bunch of European champions and glorified runners up specialists - they own La Liga and all within it too.    

Whatever your persuasion or interpretation you can't deny the glory of Asensio's goal, and naturally the Twitter-sphere was only too obliging to share in the euphoria of such a goal:

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